In the form below you can offer us a property for rent. We will contact you for more data on the property as needed; in any case we will contact you by phone in order to settle the details. Since we are an agency we need to get an order to lease from you. This will occur by the below form. If we will not be able to rent it out, however, then we will inform you immediately.

In the first part we want to know who is the owner (landlord) of the property. We assume that the landlord and owner of the property are identical; should this not be the case, please fill in the respective field (if you are a house manager or a relative for example). We then need the owner's agreement, meaning we act on the assumption that you, filling in the form, are doing so in agreement with the owner. In the second part we ask for details to the rental object. Fill in what you know and skip what you do not know or cannot answer in the moment.

Agency fee: With the change of rental law in 2015 it was regulated by law for all Germany, that in residential renting the one who orders the agent has to pay the agent. In 95% of cases this happens to be the landlord. The usual brokers fee always has been 2 months cold rent plus VAT. However, depending on the property for rent, we are willing to negotiate with you about this.

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