How to use this form

This easy-to-fill-in formsheet helps you and us to narrow down the search for the right apartment or house to rent. This form is a plain questionnaire.
For fees please ask us when we contact you. Sending in this inquiry does not cause an automatic fee; only a successful arragement of a rental apartment can in some cases incur a fee. We will quickly process your request. If you receive no reply within 48 hrs. pls send an email to "rentals(at)" to remind us.
Be sure to fill in as many data as possible as this speeds the search. If possible add a phone number so we can contact you by phone if needed.

Note: We do not offer any apartments for short term like a week for the Messe (Trade fair exhibition). 
Minimum rental periods are between 6 and 12 months depending on the apartment. Shorter periods are possible only in rare exceptional cases.
Enter your apartment search profile (your text can be longer than the visible entry space)
The informations given to us will be treated as confidential and not passed on to third parties without your consent.
For any questions you may call +49 (0) 6103 310847.

Your Personal Apartment or Home Rental Search Data Sheet for Germany

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